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Lecture 6

MGSC14H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Elf, Toner, Consequentialism

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Good Business Reference
As a class, we are representing the paper supplier who supplies the printing business
with paper.
As a new business they are:
oPrinting errors & missing deadlines
oPaying us very slowly
oOne major contract can help them out
Major Corp ( Consumer)
oAsked us for a business reference
Ink Supplier ( Creditor ) asked for credit reference
Is it ethical to provide a false reference abt a business that directly affects your own company?
This results in a conflict of Interest.
You want printing company to have more business so you'll get paid as well
You also want to give an accurate reference
ROLE OF THE CORP ( One of the major corp)
Provides service - printing
Maximize shareholder value by maximizing profit
Ethical corp enviroment
As a paper supplier company, would you give a good business ref to the major corp knowing
that the printing company makes a lot of errors & is struggling?
Class discussion:
Wouldn’t give a false one & have your reputation affected falsely
Be honest
Honest response, but wouldn’t phrase it negatively so they arent swayed by my opinion
Inform them abt the issues
Q: What if your close friend was a manager or owner of the printing company?
Wouldn’t want to lie, would phrase it so the prob. Doesn’t seem as bad
If the business industry would be positively affected, then it would skew towards being
positive, tone
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