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William Seager

lec 5 1/24/2012 9:16:00 AM Summary of last lecture –what is happiness, and the problems with Aristotle  Pure happiness—you are happy just because happiness itsels, not other reasons –you should not be happy for something else. o This is talking about instrinsic reason for being happy o The opposite is the instrumental /utilitarian reason for being happy  Problems with Aristotle’s’ propositions o Why individuals have diffenrse definitions about happiness?  Pursue different things if you are different persons, because your destination is different o Only human can do intellectual contemplation  This is a necessary component of human , and hence constitutive of happiness  Some of the parts we may have in other animals o Something have functions, what about human? What is the function of human?  intrinsic and instrumental desisure  if you have a function, it is talking about instrumental meaning  you are being valuable for something in life,  it’s your life, and our individual life, pursuits, tates, capacities and enjoyment – these are what make life worth living or not,  so human being, as such , have function , which is talking about for other stuff ,  your function is to serve the state? The god? –it’s not what you have in your life, it’s something else in your life that make you a tool , a slave  so note the distinction between o instrumental—good for something else o instrinsic—godd for itself –human  so human as such , don’t need function virtue thics  social animals  then we ought to do? –nothing logically follows: unless you have a premise about what social animals should behave, this arugment about social animals is nonesense o for example:if you are social animals, then you should behave in this way –this is the additional premise you need to support this arugment o this additional premise is not hard to accept  if you want to accomplish the membership of society, then you should behave like///  it’s painful to be astrocyte –to be shawned, and segreaged o but it’s always possible to say: I’m just going to live out and not belong to society. Merit and virtue: paradox  If you are virtue, then you don’t need to be appreciate by others, cause it comes naturally to you  Then there’s nothing special about what you do, o So you don’t need to be credited, or merited , to give gratitude,  So if you really want to deserve merit and praise, then you should not be virtue o See Decarts: actually takes o Takes a view , an action, to be done not with con o Has the great moral worth, in so far, to overcome your inclinations ; because if you did it just because you feel like it, then this is no moral value  Two persons, one make huge effort to be nice, and feels tired and compelled; the other just be nice in a natural way, no need to
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