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Lecture 3

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Office hours HW 310 Relying on emotions like awe mystical wonders very restricted set of emotional responsesAesthetics is based on emotional responsesAttitudes towards NatureoThe Greeks historically ancient people had a religion and world was full of spirits Greeks rejected this approach Rejected animalist idea and taking the spirit outNature in Platos worksoEpimetheus means hindsightoEpimetheus signed various powers to each animal so that the animals wouldnt go extinct but he didnt give human beings any special powersoPrometheus means foresightHe steals the practical arts and fire and gives them to human beings and once he does this human beings start forming communities and have knowledge of practical ideas but they cant stay together in communitiesoZeus humans vulnerable to animals so Zeus says to Hermes you have to give humans knowledge on how to live So he gives humans shame and knowledge Shame concept of temperance and justice knowing how to make rulesoHuman beings are very distant from the other animals Allegory of the CaveoSensory world is a shadowoOne prisoners crawls out of the cave and goes into the real world and sees it for the first timeoGaining a different kind of knowledge other than the sensory worldoKnowledge of sensory world is always shifting around constantly changingoPlato thought that ones goal as a human being was to gain up the level of the intelligible realm
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