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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 Notes

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Chad Horne

Lecture 2September 15 2011Descriptive ethics studying morality or human behavior empirical study of peoples actual beliefs and practices that constitute their actual experienceshow do we livenot committed to any such viewNormative ethics philosophical search of moral standardshow should we livemoral universalism there are some objective moral standards that are valued at all times and placesmoral relativism the view that there are no objective moral standards but all moral standards are relative to the beliefs and practices of certain individuals or a groupcultural relativismthe most common argument for moral relativism 1 different cultures have different moral codes2 therefore there are no objective moral standardsthe conclusion doesnt follow from the premisethere is a premise about what people believe the premise doesnt prove the conclusion it is not necessarily that the conclusion is falsenow here is a new premise1 if different cultures disagree about morality then there is no objective truthnow the argument worksin some societies people believe the earth is at quote from the readingtherefore this is a bad argument and if you want to accept the
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