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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 Notes

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Chad Horne

Lecture 5September 27 2011ones autonomy would not allow them to go to the doctor and insist on a treatment that would not actually help the problemdoing something that is not accepted by the medical practices of the surgeon Shwartz Casewoman is in a vegetative state and the husband wants her kept alive and this is not accepted by the doctors because there is no further medical treatment to assist herShwartz thinks that this case is close to the patient that wants his arm amputated for his sins than a patient overriding medical paternalismkeeping her alive is outside the scope of medicinethe family should decide her options but is keeping her alive an option that should be provided to the family in the rst place shwartz says noShwartz thinks that if no one in this hospital want to treat her and she cant be accepted into other hospitals this is a sign that the treatment being requested is outside the scope of medicine and you are not providing a medical treatment in assisting herChapter Four Truth telling and control of informationpatients have a right to refuse treatmentrecent development 1980 doctors have the responsibility to recommend treatment and patients can refuseimposing a treatment on a patient that they dont want would be assaultthe main way that doctors get their way today is controlling and manipulating the information to the patient to lead them to choose in a certain wayas a patient you should be able to choose with an accurate bit of informationif some one is manipulating you this is in some sense just as much as an interference with your autonomy as is the doctor forcing you to do something that you dont want to dotherefore this decision is not an autonomous onecancer back then telling a patient that they have cancer meant telling them that they are going to dienow people can be treated of cancernow that there has been a move towards this idea of honesty is because it is easier to be honest because bad news is not as harsh since many illnesses can be effectively treatedconveying a diagnosis is one more tooled to be used in a patients tool kitReasons why you may lie to a patientthe patient may become depressed and suicidal might lead the patient to chose the wrong treatment uncertainty about the diseasepatient might not want to know this would fall under the principal of autonomy since the patient may spread their disease to others the physician still has a responsibility
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