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POLB80H3 Lecture Notes - Human Nature, Neoliberalism, Game Theory

Political Science
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Francis Wiafe- Amoako

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011
– Realism
Power to dominate states
States = self interested
Anarchy prevails
States are all equal in terms of international level
Conflict = war force
Human nature is competitive
Neorealism *
Power to dominate own security
Most important aspect we need to seek is security
Human nature is cause of conflict
Security driven
Focus on observable data and objective events/data
Structure – system level
States are still the most important actors
Believe that cooperation is
possible and wanted/advantageous
states are still the most important actors cause they’re the ones who carry out al the
things in international relations
they create treaties
IO = 2nd most important
Human nature as good
States are rational because human beings are rational
Same concept as but bring in methodology and study of science and data
Same concept, more scientific
More emphasis on non-state factors esp IOs
Social Constructuralism *
Focus on relationship between actors and social context
Use this tenant to explain change over time
believe in ideas, beliefs and meanings = Different identities = subject to change =
Doesn’t say ‘ you’re like this, I’m like this, this has to be like that
* 3 most important
Wednesday, October 05, 2011
Game theory
Tit for Tat Game – multitude of actors acting for a period of time, not with the same game,
interacted with different operations , starts off as prisoners dilemma