POLB91H3 Lecture : lecture note 3

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13 Dec 2010

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Revolution: a non-legal, non-democratic or violent overthrow of government that introduces sweeping changes to a country"s political, economic and social systems. Revolutionary appeal: promises of raid and fundamental change, means of ending colonial/economic dependency, potential solution to poverty and inequality. regime in power must lose its legitimacy. widespread dissatisfaction with the regime in power, including from portions of middle class and the business community. the military and political capabilities of the revolutionary movement must be relatively stronger than that of the regime in power. there must be usually a core of firmly committed activists willing to risk their lives within a larger group of sympathizers. Groups of small fast moving revolutionaries that provide a focus for popular discontent against a regime. revolutions are more likely in systems with weak or unresponsive political institutions: economic explanations. revolutions are more likely to occur in poor countries: psychological explanations.