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POLA90: Lec7
Video: Tears of Biafra
Most thought on both sides that conflict would end or rebellion would be crushed
Full-scale war instead (for about 3 years) with much civilian suffering and
Nigerias had a lot of military coups, election, low-level violence, but no big civil
war anymore since the Biafra one ended in 1970
Grievances and conflicts between the 2 groups have not ceased though
When people think of themselves as Igbo before Nigerian, their loyalties no longer lie
with the state (causing corruption and violence)
Coordination and collective action = dinner game
Democratizing a nation causes conflict (next year there may be democracy, or might
go back)
Mc. Donalds rule of war.countries with mickey ds usually dont go to war (capital,
History of conflict matters (recent more than past, ex: France and Germany have a
long history of conflict but chances are wont go to war anytime soon.
After 5 years of decline, they get a sense that chances are it isnt going to get better;
why is it 5 years of decline? Some people get more than others?
Public goods: like air we breathe (everyone benefits) or university funding/subsidies
(not everyone benefits)
Grievances + greed + resources*
Israel and Palestine: there are lots of grievances from both sides; very cheap conflict
(ex: children throwing rocks, mass protests) so not too much coordination needed;
greed (someone buys the Jewish couples house, where they live…are they just
getting subsidized house in cheap city); funding from outside sources (archaeological
dig, houses, etc)
Sporadic or isolated riots: kinda like kids throwing rocks; not accepted in fully
democratic nations
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