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Lecture 02 Notes

Political Science
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Stefan Dolgert

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Lecture Two
Divine Rights of Kings
King Charles I is the primary focus on King readings
Did not acknowledge that the people had the right to submit him to a trial; did not acknowledge
that they had any legitimate authority
oWears two shirts on day of trial. Why? Jan. 30th Its cold; if he shivered from the cold
people would think he was afraid.
oI must tell you that liberty and freedom consists in having government. It is not in their
[the people] having a share in the government, that is nothing appertaining unto them. A
subject and a sovereign and two different things. Everyone that is not the King is
something completely different from being the King.
oIts setting a precedent for later days (such as today)
oWho has the power, the authority and legitimacy of having such control?
Governments perform three functions:
oLegislative Make laws
oExecutive Perform laws
oJudiciary Interpret laws
In the early stages of democracy the Monarchy was the Executive function
oWe have a kingly element to our government
1. Context
2. Assumptions
3. Analogies
4. Removal
5. Problems with People
6. Sources
7. What Kings Do
8. Burning Books Info Sessions
A violent world, where people cannot read and they have full belief in the Bible
oThey know and acknowledge that other people exist in the world (Muslims)
Considering that recorded human history is about 5000 years its hard for us to say the world
should be as is since our existence is so minor; how do we know we are not the ignorant ones?
Lack of literacy
One state
Political power divided between King & Parliament (where King is supreme)
Women have very little rights and power
Property was required to have rights
The people that we are reading about are political actors (they are not writing for us; they are
writing for political purposes in their time). They tried to persuade these people into switching
their beliefs.
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