POLC71H3 Lecture Notes - Cardinal Virtues, Simile, Direct Democracy

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King was tried for crimes against his people; first king to be. (King
Charles 1?)
o Did not believe in the legitimacy of the court; reason HE IS
o He wore two shirts: afraid if he shivers from cold before he is
executed, he will shiver from cold and people would think he was
o he said: I must tell you that liberty an d freedom consists I
having government. It is not in having a share in government
everybody who is not the king is completely different from being king.
The people are the ones who obey the government.
o He loses civil war and lost his life.
o It is unprecedented; for people to go against the ordained by god
o sign of democracy
o functions of government (structures)
legislative- make laws
executive- execute laws
judicial- decide what the law says when there is conflict
o presidential systems: presi is executive, congress is legislature
o monarchy is related: the executive function is like a monarch. The
PM has like a monarch rule but it is not absolute. More common in
countries with presidential systems (comparing president to
monarchical rule)
o we also have a substantial monarchical element: in Canada,
constitutional monarchy. The Queen still has the ability to sign off
on bills? Represented by the govenor general, appoints the GG.
Parliament can be pre rouged (end parliament) by the GG
representing the Queen.
From the read: Divine Right of Kings
o Looking at the time of the society; violent, they believe in God,
poor health and sanitary conditions, think of the world of
o need order in society, thus having a king to protect them is better.
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