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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

Canadian Politics Lecture Five: The Parliamentary Tradition Levels of Government • The Executive is in charge of everything and has the final say, usually has veto power. The Legislative aspect makes the laws by debating. The Judicial power is in charge of all legal cases. Executive Legislative Judicial The President is the Congress is the Supreme Court power of the executive legislative power. It is sector (Commander in built up of two houses: Chief). Advised by the (1) The house of Cabinet. representatives, (2) The Senate. The Queen (Governor Legislature is also built Supreme Court General) is a monarch up of two chambers: (1) and is much different House of Commons, (2) from the President as The House of Lords. she is much more of a ceremonial position. Must be happy (%50% Appoints a Prime +1) with the cabinet. Minister who appoints a Cabinet who advises the Queen. • On this chart, things look very similar to the Americans, but Canada has a Cabinet, which is a group of Ministers (Minister of Transportation, Minister of Natural Resources, etc.) and the Prime Minister. The cabinet is generally chosen from members of the House of Commons as the Cabinet must has 50% +1 support of the House. Canadian Parliament in Detail • The crown is the head of the government and is represented by the governor general (Dave Johnson). The Constitution act fro 1867 and the Letter Patent of 1947 give the Queen (1867) and Governor General (1947) power. There are also prerogative powers, which are unique to the individual (GG – the power to call elections, dissolve parliament, and appointing the Prime Minister). • Canada is a bicameral legislature. It has two houses (House of commons and House of Lords). • Key Terms (House of Commons): Lower House, Con
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