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R Rice

LECTURE 1: Domestic Power Structures and Development I. Course Intro. II. State Power III. Markets, Democracy and Development _____________________________________________________________ I. Course Introduction [see syllabus under “Syllabus” on web page] II. State Power A major determinant of development strategies and outcomes is the character of the state, and the domestic power structures and political coalitions underpinning it. Types of State Power: 1. Despotic Power: the power to control and suppress  South 2. Infrastructural Power: the power to administer and transform  North Roots of Despotic Power  Legacy of the use of force to suppress and squash rebellion  Weak country side with weak out reach. Very little state presence and colonial presence. Mostly run by local bosses o Eg. South America, Africa, S. Asia  1. State borders and institutions artificially imposed by colonial rulers o Pull resources out  legacy of colonial rule was extractive and not developmental  2. Strong despotic power and coercive power but weak infrastructure or transformational power  3. Purpose and point of colonial rule was extractive  4. Characteristic of the colonial state were entrenched by ruling elites after independence to protext their interest  Pockets of development but not completely development o Eg. Chile – Santiago is a world class city until you walk out of the city centre III. Markets, Democracy and Development Amy’s point: Ethnic conflict – due to ethnic minorities who hold power.  Her aunt was a elite Chinese minority in Philippines was killed by Pilipino chauffer as revenge killing according to the police  Shift of free market and democracy is on a collision course Mainstream View: there is a natural affinity between free markets and free politics. Free markets and democracy are the key to development.
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