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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Judith Teichman

POLC91 Sept 13, 2012 Lecture 1 -hand in assignments via blackboard -best way to reach her is via email -weekly questions will help to prepare you for the essay and exam -midterm is multiple choice -powerpoints will not be posted -Final – 2 hrs -lectures, readings, and videos -Part A; short answer 2 of 5 terms -Part B; Essay question - no choice -outline given with list of terms for part a and 3 possible questions for part b -Prof has done research in Mexico, Chile and Argentina -Latin America includes countries that were colonized by Spain and Portugal -leaves out English speaking Caribbean, Diana, Belize -debate about Haiti, was colonized by the French but could be considered Latin -we will be focusing on regions that were colonized by Spain -there have been cycles of authoritarianism and democracy -“third wave of democracy” -move to democracy during the ‘80s, but people were not really focused on the quality of democracy -socio-economic inequality – LA has historically been the most unequal region in the world; differences in income btwn those at the top and the bottom -this disparity got even worse at the debt crisis of the 1980’s -just now is it beginning to show diminishment in the levels of inequality -inequality still higher today than it was in the 1970’s -rise from year 2000 of leftist gov’ts; Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ortega in Nicaragua -is what happening sustainable over the long term? -country
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