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Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Waldemar Skrobacki

Lecture 8 Global culture and global inequalityMiniature Earth compared what the actual ratios would be if the earth only had 100 people in itGlobal cultureWhat is culture culture in terms of arts when you say somebody is cultured you can refer to their taste in arts books etc In terms of knowledge and sophistication enlightenment through exposure or shared beliefs and values of a group Culture of a particular nation beliefs customs practises and social behaviour of particular people or society Canadian culture Culture in terms of shared attitudes A specific group of people who share a similar attitude Can exist at substate level below nation state Growing biological culture bacteria culture Development of a particular skill or training OUR PURPOSE Culture is the way we live If culture is the fabric of community then we sthave 2 different conceptions 1 conception of globalization is Americanization American culture hegemony MacDonalds Coco Cola Starbucks Violence on television violence against intellect IPods Britney SpearsCritics say Americanization is a full attack on American identity People who believe this thinks Americanization of the world as cultural imperialism Broader sense Global north projecting its culture on the global south American in origin but is persuasive in Canada Europe We can think of ndculture imperialism as changing 2 way in which we can consider globalization and culture Globalization is a process of internationalization Process of detriorlization A culture would have been inside boarders but now we see it outside boarders Internationalization of culture Culture would continue to stay diverged and were not heading towards one cultureMain languages number of Native speakerso1 Language Chinese Mandarin 855 millionoEnglish 445 MillionoHindiUrdu 333 millionoSpanish 266 millionoPortuguese 175 millionoEnglish remains as a second language 14 billion people speak English as a second languageThe Clash of Civilizations
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