Lecture 2

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15 Dec 2010
Psychology Lecture Two
September 17, 2010.
-Mullers research of impulses brought attention to the human brain and whether it is spiritual or purely
-Pierre Florens work proved the brain to be like the steering wheel of the car.
-He would remove or destroy the brain of an animal and would find things like the following: if you
removed the back of the brain the animals would become blind, so clearly the back of the brain
controls vision. Ex 1. Removal of sides of the brains would cause motor problems or sensation
-Therefore, specific parts of the brain control different aspects of human performance
-Broca first to apply this logic to humans that were stroke victims and could not output correct speech
-Upon autopsy he found that they were missing an area of brain tissue behind their left ear
-Gustav & Hitzig added tiny wires to the brain and stimulated the brain and found stimulation of certain
areas resulted in a specific result
-They showed that different parts of the brain control different function
-Phrenology phenomenon (incorrect idea) : part of the brain that is used more often than other, the
size of that part of the brain would increase, whereas, if some part was used less it would decrease.
BUT brain tissue does not respond like muscle tissue. But during the time people would touch
someone’s skull and “feelbumps and tell the person about themselves.
-Helmholtz wanted to know how fast the human body, especially the brain, transmits information
- People holding hands with each other creating a human chain, and the first person would squeeze
the next person’s hand, and once they feel the pressure they would squeeze the next person’s hand.
The process for it to reach the last person would be time and the time would be divided by the
number of people and he found the speed of the impulse objective investigation
-Weber : ex. Would put a two weights in someone’s hands while their eyes were closed, and he would
see how much weight was required for them to feel a difference. He found that there constant ratios
between adding to both hands at the same time vs having weight in one hand and then adding weight
to the other
-He did something similar with lights
-Psychology born in late 1800s , first psychologist was Wundt, also first to use the term psychology
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