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PSYA02H3 Lecture Notes - Animal Communication, Deep Structure And Surface Structure, Language Transfer

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Steve Joordens

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Psychology - Session 2
tends to be thought of as words
animals use body language and etc.
different from animal communication
powerful because of what it allows us to do
shares our minds
more complex ways than animal communication
human domination of the planet
1. bi-pedalism
allows hands to be free
2. large frontal lobes
larger than other creatures in the animal kingdom relative to body size
3. language
keeps us from having to rediscover things again and again
able to preserve knowledge
can deconstruct language a little
receptive language
impressing scientists
flexible dynamic use of a symbol system
ex. cat is a word
flexibility not often seen in animal kingdom
animals live in the present
words are abstract symbol systems
surface versus deep structure
surface structure
how are you conveying it
deep structure
subtle differences in meaning
what you are trying to convey
consciousness and language
theory evolved from repeated learning consequences through repeating a memory
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