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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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John Bassili

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Psychology II Lecture 10
Jean Piaget
-focused on cognitive development of a child
Sensory Motor Development
-sense of control through circular actions
-fail to recognize that object remains permanent even if it is hidden
- has the notion “out of sight, out of existence”
Preoperational Period
-period before cognitive operational thinking
-growing ability to use symbol at age of two
-use of language
-use word and object to represent something else
-pretend play, able to take a role symbolically
-able to symbolize building block as brick
-tendency to view the world only from his perspective
-egocentrism- a notion that kid thinks the reality is only based on his perspective
-when playing hide and seek, kid covers his eyes and believes thatif I cannot see, then I cannot
be seen”
-conservation- unable to recognize a reciprocal relationship between width and height
-do not have reverse ability and unable to do reverse operation
-volume and mass does not change just because its superficial structure has changed
-unable to tell that the volume remains the same if a cup of water is poured into a bottle with
higher height and narrower base
-irreversibility- unable to reverse operation
Concrete Operation Period
-do not focus on one dimension
-not fooled by appearance anymore
-recognize relationship of quantity, like height and width
-operation is mental actions that obey logical rules
-transitivity is operation that requires kids to think abstractly and do mental comparison
-Jane is taller than Kim and Kim is taller than Sue, who is the tallest
-kid needs to represent these characters in the right order to answer the question
-able to use logical rule
-help kid to better answer question if there is concrete object to represent idea
Concrete Operational Stage
-use logical rule instead of intuitive
-able to decenter, can think of more than one aspect at a time
-follow transformation from beginning to end
-mentally reverse process
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