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27 Mar 2012

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PSYCHOLOGY Lecture 22: Group Decision-Making
March 07, 2012
…continuation from Lecture 21
-our behaviour is strongly affected by people around us
-we all have the desire to be liked and one of the way we make that happen is when we
tend to become like the group in which we like to belong to
-people get tasks better/faster when people are watching as long as the task is not complex
if it s complex, they don’t do it better reduction in behaviour
-social loafing some members of the group don’t do as much of the work if were alone
-white males are the quickest to loaf and the least like are females of eastern
descent women are more group minded and people of Eastern culture value
-what can you do to reduce loafing? make the individual contribution identifiable
people that loaf hide behind the anonymity so people won’t know they’re loafing
-bigger the group the easier to hide behind anonymity
-Western culture is built on materialism
-if you’re in for a dime, you’re in for a dollar if people commit to something (even if it’s
small), once they commit to this, they are likely to commit to a larger commitment
-research shows that we are really nice to attractive people because if we are with attractive
people, we feel we gain some of that attractiveness
-we behave disproportionately well to attractive people in certain situation
-claim that after WWII, that there was something not right about Germans
-people were asked how can you do this to other humans and they would answer that they
were just ordered to this
-Milgram something in German people’s genes that make them blindly follow authority
and he created experiments to show this
-Milgram first did the experiment in first America and wanted to then do the
experiments in Germany
-experiment: people would come in as pairs (one person was in on the whole
thing) one person was randomly chosen to be a teacher and the other was the
student real subject was always teacher and the apparent subject goes into a
separate room and they have a wire which is supposed to give electric shocks when
the students answers a question wrong
-experimenter gives the teacher questions and alternatives to ask the
students and if the student gets it wrong, the teacher has two choices give
them a shock and every time they get a shock you flip a switch down so the
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