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PSYB10H3 Lecture Notes - Peripheral Nervous System, Parasympathetic Nervous System, Frontal Lobe

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Social lec 12
Decision making heuristics. We make decisions fast and effectively.
Emotion: psycho physiological response to an event felt subjectively and prepares a person for
Moods, sentiments, personality traits,and arousal such as sleepiness are not emotions.
Difference between mood and emotions: moods can not be expressed, moods last longer than
emotions, emotions are aroused by something specific, moods are not expressive. Emotions are
more extreme than moods.
There are 6 basic emotions: we all share them. The complex emotions are combos of the 6.
SADSFH (Sadness, Anger, Disgust, Surprise, Fear, Happiness)
Positive emotions: what make you feel good. Mostly complex rise and then fall
-contentment: involves a level of satisfaction
-amusement: laughter , happiness and surprise
-desire: the want
-love: think of a person then you feel love.
Self conscious emotions: complex and elicitedby the self
-pride: has to do with something you are proud of
-shame: ashamed of yourself, you’re the target
-guilt: self focused, you feel bad for something you did, someone else is target
To measure emotions
Self report: we ask you tell, for example on a scale 1-10
Facial EMG: we convey emotions with the muscles on our face. Even when you are not trynna
show anyone else your facial muscles will respond to emotions. (facs as well)
Know currogator supercili, the eyebrow muscle detect surprise anger
Know succinator, lips muscles, smiles if
Orbicularis occuli the eye, predicts smiles true smiles, if the eye scrunches
Levator labi: disgusts wrinkle nose.
Specific muscles convey specific emotions
EMG can capture very subtle facial movements.
FACS code overt facial expression. They number the muscles as a facial action movement. Look
at a facial display, what muscles were activated, put the numbers together to come out with an
emotion. A specific emtion will put together certain numbers depending on the muscles used.
Components of emotions
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