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PSYB30H3 Lecture Notes - Personality Psychology, Behavioural Genetics, Learned Helplessness

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Connie Boudens

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Personality Psychology Introduction
Personality Defined
An organized and relatively enduring set of psychological traits and mechanisms that
influences a person’s interactions with, and adaptations to, the environment.
Main Issues of Interest
What is basic nature of people?
Is human beh. internally or externally determined?
How consistent is personality?
Do we have control over internal states and behaviour?
Is present and future behaviour determined by past behavior?
How adaptive (positive) are certain aspects of personality?
How do our personalities help us to adjust to the environment?
Areas of Interest and Research
Originally, psychologists sought to understand the whole of personality (see “grand
theories of personality”)
Modern work usu within one of a number of sub-areas or domains
“Building Blocks” of Personality
Self and Identity
Regulatory and motivational
Social and Cultural
Trait / Dispositional
Ways in which individuals differ
Focus on number and nature of fundamental traits
Identify and measure most important ways individuals differ
Origin and development of individual differences
Interaction btw trait and situations
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