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PSYB30H3 Lecture Notes - Hypnotic Susceptibility, Conscientiousness, Big Five Personality Traits

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Marc A Fournier

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Psyb30 Lec 5
5 factor model of personality traits (Big Five)
Measures :
The Big Five Inventory (BFI)
A trait a cluster of attributes that serves to distinguish one individual from another
Attribute anything that concerns the ways which we think, learn and feel act
Traits are general, internal and comparitive.
Neuroticism (Affect) Individual differences the the propensity to experience
distress (anxiety, frustration etc)
Facets Anxiety, Angry hostility, depression, self-consciousness,
impulsiveness, vulnerability
Correlates Negative affect (unpleasent emotional states), Relationship
Extraversion (Power) The tendecy to engage in positive social engagemements.
Facets warmth, gregariousness,assertiveness, activity, excitement seeking,
positive emotions
Correlates Positive affect, Social dominance.
Agreeableness (Love) The capacity for empathy, cooperation, compramise.
Facets Trust, straightforwardness, altruism, compliance, modesty, tender-
Correlates Volunteerism, Gratitude & Forgiveness
Conscientiousness (Work) The capacity for hard work
Facets Competence, order, dutifulness, achievement striving, self-discipline,
Correlates Educational & occupational achievement, Health and longevity
Openness to Experience (Ideas) Readiness to take on new ideas, open to feelings.
Facets Fantasy, Aesthetics, feelings, actions, ideas, values.
Correlates Absorbtion (readiness to emerse into your own world) Hypnotic
Susceptibility, Artistic creativity. (Liberal rather than conservative)
Temperament Most heriditary individual differences, not due to environmental
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