Lecture Note For PSYB45, Lecture 1

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19 Jul 2010
Chapter One
The Behaviour Modification Approach
- Synonyms of behaviour include: activity, action, performance, responding,
response and reaction.
- Essentially behaviour is anything that a person says or does
- Technically, behaviour is any muscular, glandular, or electrical activity of an
- Products of behaviour is for example getting an “A in a course due to
studying effectively and losing 10 pounds because of resisting overating anad
exercising more
Overt Behaviour
- Walking, talking, throwing a ball, yelling at someoneare all visible
behaviour that could be observed and recorded by an individual other than the
one performing the behaviour.
Covert Behaviour
- internal, private
- activities that cannot be readily observed by others
- all behaviour is potentially observable, but private or covert behaviour do not
typically refer to behaviours done in private, such as undressing in a bedroom,
or cheating on exams (secretive actions)
- Rather, they refer to activities that occur “within one’s skin” and that therefore
require special instruments for other to observe.
- Ex! before you go out on the skating rink for your competition, a figure
skater might think “ I hope I don’t fall and she might feel nervous and have
increased heard rate! this is called “Private self-talk . Thinking and
feeling are private behaviours
Dimensions of Behaviour
- Characteristics of behaviour that can measured
Duration of Behaviour
- Length of time the behaviour lasts
Frequency of Behaviour
- Number of instances that occur in given period of time
Intensity or Force of Behaviour
- Refers to the physical effort or energy involved in emitting the behaviour
- Ex! mary has a strong grip when shaking hands
-Why are summary terms or labels for behaviour patterns so frequently used in
psychology and in everyday life?
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