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Lecture 6

Week 6 lecture notes

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Michael Inzlicht

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Week 6
PSYC12H3 t Psychology of Prejudice
- Why people form groups?
- Oppression by the dominant group
- Collective Action and Social Change t When do the oppressed rise and fight?
- What prevents collective action in modern times?
- When we identify with a group, our sense of self becomes a part of the group
- W}o]PvZ]P}µ[]}ZuoÀ
- People assign their own traits to the group
Social Identity Theory
Social identity: dZ}(}v[o(-concept that derives from membership in groups that
are important to the person.
o We are driven to have a positive and distinct social identity
o Feel good about ourselves through choosing domains that favor the group
Comparing in-group positive traits to weaker traits of others
o Distort perceptions of outgroups and ingroups
o Promote your ingroup
o Inter-group bias results in an increase in positive social identity. This increase results in
enhanced self-esteem.
o When self-esteem is threatened, one can defend self-esteem through inter-group bias.
o People with low self-esteem or an insufficient social identity will engage in inter-group
Social Change
: Any action that aims to improve the status, power, or influence of an entire group, rather than that
of one or a few individuals.
- When do the oppressed stand up and fight?
o Under what conditions do they put up with their fate and stay silent?
Collective Action
: Collective action is one of the core mechanisms of social change.
- When people come together to go for a social change
- See that there is a problem
- Categorizing oneself and others into an ingroup and an outgroup is sufficient to generate
intergroup competition t no real (material) competition necessary
- People experience deprivation and are motivated to bring about social change even if not
personally affected.
o 'Wol}}]vZñì[UZZZµ]}vÁ]oo]oo}vv}Z}
that are oppressed
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