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Lecture 2

PSYC12H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Boxing Day Shooting, Contact Hypothesis, Observational Study

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Michael Inzlicht

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Lecture 2: Origins of Stereotypes
Movie True Colours not a valid experiment because there are not enough people.
There is correlation between wealth and money in Canada.
Discrimination when buying a new car:
How would you study this scientifically?
Observational study where you would use a video camera with interference, with
confounding variables such as race and gender of buyer.
You can look at the averages.
You are dealing with a correlational design.
4 twin testers (confederates), randomly choose 10 car dealerships in Toronto. You
would make sure they are all asking about the exact same car (model, colour, and year).
The only thing that would change is the race and gender. These confederates should
also dress the same way and same age.
Ayres & Siegelman, 1995:
Chicago study for a new car by race and gender.
Black males are offered the highest initial price. $1K difference in price between black
and white confederates.
There is not a big difference between black and white female buyers but black females
are offered higher initial prices.
Discrimination when buying a new car:
Discrimination is present when buying a new car. Some people are quoted more than
others when buying the exact same car.
True Colours:
Two men of different race (black and white) walk into stores in St. Louis, white man gets
a hearty welcome compared to the black man.
White man gets instant attention and service.
Salesman trailed black man. People think that black people commit more crimes than
white people.
White man gets attention for help to get into locked car compared to black man.
Black man gets attention for being black walking in a white neighbourhood.
At car dealerships, black Americans pay twice the markup as white Americans do.
Black man gets refused to rent a room in a house, compared to white man that is
allowed to do so in the same house.
Contact hypothesis: Being exposed to races and ethnicities helps with our attitudes and
how we treat other people.
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