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Lecture 4

PSYC14H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Operationalization, Egalitarianism, Fatalism

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Sisi Tran

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Before beginning research
Dvp knowledge about the cultures of interest
Read ethnographies, texts, and qualitative reports
o Ethnographies - someone else wrote about the cult in Q
Collaborate w/ others of diff cult's
Talk w/ ppl
Ask Qs
o e.g., when u were a child, what would a typical fam meal look like in ur house
Learn firsthand
Insiders vs. Outsiders
Psych'ists pride themselves on objectivity
o Approach based in concerns about bias from being too close to the groups of interest
U become too proud - everything seems objective
In contrast, anthropologists pride themselves on getting highly invested and inv'd
o Approach based in truly experiencing culture
COSI: 4 Questions
Why is cultural psych diff from other disciplines in (these 4 ways)…
o Causation
o Operationalization
o Sampling
o Interpretation
"What is the cultural dimension driving my differences?"
Individualism vs. collectivism
Individualism is around the self / collectivism is around the collective, all of the means,
desires, how we think, and manage conflict [samples come from E Asia and N
America] --> conclude that collectivist cultures r happier
o Approach vs. avoidance motivations
Approach - approaching good
Avoidance - avoiding something bad
o Tightness vs. looseness
Some cultures r v rigid and have strong boundaries, while others r loose
o Monochronic vs. polychronic time
Monochronic time - ppl r v rigid to time (e.g., 2 mins late = v bad)
Polychronic time - say the game starts at 6:30, but ppl come at 7 or even 8
o Linear vs. contextual thinking
Linear - stepwise thinking (1st, 2nd step, etc.)
Contextual - look at many diff factors at a time
o Fatalism
Destiny vs growth orientation
Some ppl believe in destiny/fate (look at starts)
Other cultures look at growth (goal and aspire to work hard)
o Egalitarianism
We aspire to have everyone on an = field
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