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PSYC18H3 Lecture Notes - Inverse Relation, Naturwissenschaften

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Psyc18 Lecture 2
We begin with the life world. Within the world there are meanings. And we try to
grasp those meanings.
Which is more complex? The physical world or the world of the mind?
The physical world is the projection of our concepts. We understand our world a
certain way. We have ideas about the world.(physical and social world)they are not
truth. Subjective. Not objective.
The physical world is a creation of the noetic world. The world of the mind.
Automatic aspect in everyday life boring
Distinctive aspects exciting.
Critical episodes- things that stand out in your life.
Plane of observation detached viewpoint.
Laboratory world ecological validity.
Manifest and latent, surface and depth of a life narrative.
Looking past the idiographic experience to the depth (layers)
- freud double touch. The feeler and the feelee. Part of the ego development.
- We live in the belief that we are separate entities within a physical bounded
- We are in many worlds, lives. Eg day dreaming. The public world with the
family. The provate world within yourself. The private within the private
unconscious (layers) some worlds are closer and some are further.
- People turn their backs on certain times of their lives. Repression,
4 fundamental layers -
theres an inverse relation between your emotions in your face and your gut
Apprehension we are reaching out to the world and the world is reaching to
you. Finding meaning in the world. (in an emotional way our body and
understand encounter events in the outside world that are comprehensible to us
consciousness. )
I am in life and been in situations, things went down, and I take ownership and
will go on with my life. Object vs process.
Literal viewpoints surface meaning. No looking behind the surface meaning. Eg
looking at a painting. Depth
Ironic/metaphorical viewpoint beneath the surface.
the shift from the literal to ironic
shifting viewpoints engaged vs detached.
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