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LEC9Timing of stress response is impostantdiff parts do different things at diff timesPolyvagal threat evolutionaryof autonomic system hwo it helps us an fight and flightWalter CCannonU get a response u elicit cortisol and that activats all sympathetic systems it is a green light on the stress stsytemonly in past decade was this view revisedby Robert saplosky showed support of alternative review Stress system also plays role in inhibiting itself Can inhibit the immune system Shows how chronic stress is bad When get really stressed out then will get sick or something ua re inhibiting ur immune system all ur systems will be surpressed he showed evidence of this Also said major relays of HPa axis outside of the HPA baxis o Cortisol and glucorcoritcoids Articulated diff actionslike the milirary analogyo Tried to explain stimulating but wanted to add othersPermissiveSurpressive dont need stress system activated nneed all ur resourses to help u not help calm u downStimulatingPreparativeSympathetic Adrenal Medula SAMWhen have sympathetic nerves that activate relese of norepinephrin causres increased heart rate sweating muscle strentgth ect released from the medulla Huge supply of norepinieprin in the medullais like pressing a buttonvery fast Diff from HPA HPA is all chemical messengerslike a tier fountine slow Stress ResponseAlot of things happen in the first minutewhatrs ur response these catacholminesCHF is secreted then ATCH is secretedHPA part happening all in the brain then 10 minutes b4 it even gets into the bloodhasnt even reached any organsPsychiological changes in stress responsesIncrease card toneActivation of immune but then gets inhibitedEnergyBlood vessels expanding more blood to brain not thinking about anything elseWhen a big emotional thing happens u remember it all systems support surpressed emmoryChronic Stress Anxieeety Shift to DepressionWhat happens with repeated stress Its not new it is a simple model how stress system changes when stressed out repeatedly If have a sense of control and feel mastryur happy If do so and lever fails then how u activate stressif never have control repeatedly then withdrowno Hoffer reading when parent leaves few times its okay but if keep dowing it affcects child greatlyCan nopw look at dopamine glucorrcoticoides and epinephrine Dramatically shift then get very low dopamine thwwn secret cortisol and even more epinephrine fight or flightIf ddepressed low dopamine but very very high glucorcoricids and not so high epinephrineo Cant mobalize energy Voodoo DeathScare someone into dying Get so frightened ur autonomic system just shuts downBrain Regulation of HeartParasympathetic system two distictd brain nuclei that regulate ito Dorsal vagal nuclei old part of histryWhen activated can cause something like voodoo deathincreadable surge in parasympathetic activity cant breath anymoreo Ventral Vagus Nucleous Ambiguous Both have very different fuctiuoinsPorges Palyvagal TheoryMulti regulatory of vagus multi brain stempolyvagal Vagus nerve activated the parasympathetic system Vagus is a big bundle of nerves activating parasympathetic system two nerves that control Ventral and Dorsal To kill activate older dorsal nervous Want to knowe under what conditions is the newer one being usedClaims it is asll staged by evolutionary past Newer is used when not too much of a threatafter a while if thengs get too outof control then hit up the HPA axis then leads to voodoo death Smart vagus newer then switch to HPAPhylogeny of Cardiac Control
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