PSYD50H3 Lecture Notes - Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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Published on 15 Sep 2012
PSYD50 Lecture 1
Quick primer on brain anatomy:
-4 lobes of the brain
-occipital, temporal, frontal and parietal
Blocked vs. Event Related Designs
-blocked : meaning that there is one block per variable
-each block is 16 sec in length
-spacing out trial
-randomize the variables
Whole brain vs. region of interest:
- whole brain: focus on whole brain
-don’t need apriori hypothesis
-focus on area of interest, specific to what you know about the area
-the area designated to “faces”
-do experiment within that area
Things to do: 1. Find area 2. Do independent experiment in that area
-might be inaccurate because of heterogeneous area with subdivisions
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