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Steve Joordens

CHAPTER 01 LEC 02 slide 1 the birth of psychology parents are biology and philosophy the two areas and development between them which made it ok to do psy for many years it was not allowed to do psychology Can you create machines that are intelligent? no because the notion of intelligence will disappear as soon as we create it 'magic' is when you don't know how it was created if magic is explained then it is lost intelligence is like magic once we build it it is no longer considered intelligent Intelligence humans believe we are unique we have souls and god created us uniquely everything else in the universe was for us human history earth air re water (wallet) earth likes earth it hangs around earth because thats where it wants to be smoke goes up in the air (air with air) back in the day if there was a hurricane someone was angry with you sacrice a Virgin we still name hurricanes today however we no longer think that way Zippy & Ralph say you get a speeding ticket, you would blame it on the car (not my fault) we act as if they have there own souls however we don't mean it (like in the olden days) not like the way they believed in thunder and lightning slide 2 do animals have souls? or do only humans posses that? different religions believe in different things some believe we will reincarnate as animals (therefore they do have souls) If humans are not really material beings how can you study them scienti cally when we understand something better there magic/intelligence/soul of them starts to disappear are we really special? or are we just material beings?are we completely spiritual? or we just the interaction of atoms? is there something in between? Rene Descartes believed there was something in between famous for his dualistic philosophy human behaviour is re ective of two distinct components very troubled individual (hard time coping with life) at 18-19 he had a nervous breakdown doctor said to go the country and relax visited the palace of versailles he sees a statue of diana (Goddess of hunt) a statue of Poseidon just moved out of no where and blocked his way statues are inanimate, why did it just move (become animate) hydraulics made it move, but he did not know a sudden realization that physical stuff can now look animate began to view humans in the same way maybe to a large extent we are just physical elements interacting maybe we are just a machine he did not go all the way and believed there was a midway we are like puppets but something is still puling the strings soul still controls us In society we have order of free will everyone has the ability to control themselves u cant randomly hit someone still mass murders say they were out of it slide 4 John Locke rst to say the mind controls our behaviours maybe the mind is a machine maybe we are just complex set of chemicals interacting maybe there is no soul, no spiritual element if its just physical interacting we can gure it out by science if its spiritual u can't explain god (something he did not want) What makes anything a science? there is a critical step which makes anything a science empiricism running experiments its ok to understand whats happening in philosophy in psychology you have to prove it (understanding is not enough) ex. your friend is crying philosophy (maybe broke up with bf) psychology (testing it by phoning up bf and con rming) going out there and testing ideas - empiricism constant experiments therefore it is a science hard science vs soft science hard science has a hard concrete answer (4.5metres) and is easy to achieve soft science does not have a speci c answer and is hard to achieve one must
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