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Steve Joordens

Lecture #2 Slide 2  why Germans have strong influence: Germany prominent in both World Wars because they were superpower, very strong, which is why they were more willing to engage in wars with economic might and military might  in academic world at this time in Germany, the government has a lot of money, thinks science and knowledge and understanding of knowledge gives their country a strong advantage in the world  Germany in addition to building its military, it was also building its sciences  if people want to try something new, they can get support from government to do it  willing to take some risks Slide 3  Hermann von Helmholtz: o what I would like to know is how fast do signals travel along the nerve tissues?; most people believe difficult; he believes not difficult to measure; lets find the average human and figure out how long nerve tissue is from one hand to brain to spine back to other hand; found could calculate human neuron accurately  Ernst Weber: o wanted to take notion of physics and apply it to the internal mind, to our conscious experience; would say “put our your hands, blindfold you, put weights on your hand, tell me when you think which of them is heavier”, trying to figure out your ability to detect the different in weights, and how that ability depended on the original weight; people would not notice difference in one gram, ratio seemed to determine when humans would tell when the weights were different; when certain ratio, people would tell; constant o what he is doing is measuring something in person's mind, what's happening in their minds seem to follow mathematical rules, fraction holds true o stuff in our minds, maybe we can apply mathematics to it, maybe can study scientifically Slide 4  tried to teach students how to introspect, how to look within their mind; he felt people had to be trained to look into their mind properly and report what's going on; play some sound, colour, ask people what they are seeing, hearing, look lik
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