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Steve Joordens

PSYA02 Feb 13/25, 2013 Should people be allowed to do whatever they want if they don‟t harm to others in the process?  Liberatarianism Forming Impressions of Others Central Traits … Some traits may be more important that others in terms of organizing our impressions of others (e.g., warm/cold vs. polite blunt).  We recognise more negative things even though there are surrounding good traits The Primacy Effect … The order with which we encounter traits matters, with earlier traits having the largest effect. This is the „first impression‟ effect  Intelligent, Industrious, Impulsive, Critical, Stubborn, Envious Importance of attributions in real life – we find it very hard to be consistent and find it very confusing to indicate Disposition vs. Situation Attributions are clearly important to the impressions we form of ourselves and others … one clear distinction in how we form our attributions is the disposition (internal) vs. situation (external) attributions we make when we witness PSYA02 Feb 13/25, 2013 Attitude Change The Elaborative Likelihood Model  The second option is really pretty much classical conditioning – this is what advertising uses to get people‟s attention Cognitive Dissonance The fantastic Leon Festinger example from outer space (circa 1954)  One woman was able to write things with her left hand (her non-dominant hand) that supposedly were messages from aliens. One was the date of the end of the world. There were followers who believed this woman and believed that, as followers, they would be rescued by the aliens  Festinger wanted to know how these people would react after the day that the world was supposed to end. o The date came and there were no aliens. The followers didn‟t feel stupid/wrong or change their beliefs. Their beliefs just became stronger, believing that the woman just needed to get back in contact with aliens. When we
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