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Lecture 5

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Steve Joordens

Psycology A02 lecture notes lecture 5 - we re always thinking about thing about past present and future -we have a sorta of mental world -jean piaget would say said as professor we should influence you to learn and sorta motivate rather than force -he spent timelooking at children and talking to them and fromt hat his opinion was that the mind 4 development stages -sensory motor where thechild develops their sensory and motor skills -at various stages he had made specific tasks and determine how the kids behave - obiect permenance as in an object wont be permenent if your not really in the childs view as in when leaving the room the child would think you vanished - preoperational period ; piaget calls it ages of 2 or1 .it is the critical reason for many reason .this is the stage where they learn language pro language is where they blabber buh it sounds like their talking and then they say few words like mama papa and objects and then after they eventually learn language really fast . - psychologist call language as symbolic and abtract thought -igocentric bias in two year olds the period of concrete operations is when they can do logical operations and have a sort of empathy -period of formal operations they learn how critical operations and form them in more of abstract form -ppl say that piagets tasks and lab results don't add of to the real world task and their - lev Vygotsky was a Russian scientist -lev said you learn these cognitive development over time Lecture 6 • there are something's that children are born knowing eg when baby in the stomach knows how to suck its thumb • cuddling • looking ,so when a baby is born their optical system is still forming ,so as their growing they have to learn how to see
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