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Steve Joordens

PSYA02H3S New Year, New goals Every new thing that happens starts with an open mind and a calm composure. Measuring Intelligence Intelligence is defined as the ability to think, understand, reason and cognitively adapt to any situation Most psychological research aims to understand the “average” human… this is sometimes called nomothetic research But some areas of research tries to understand why and how some humans differ from others… this research is said to focus on “individual differences” work Most societies believe it is in the interest of the populace to financially support the education of its citizens… an educated (intelligent?) populace leads to a better country… more innovation, stronger economy… power An ability to measure “intelligence” might be beneficial in a couple of ways… 1. It allows you to access whether certain educational approaches lead to higher levels of success 2. It may allow one to tailor a child’s education to their current abilities But how does one measure intelligence? What is intelligence? Francis Galton: - Cousin of Darwin - Really into measuring humans in every way possible… including measuring their ability to make sensory discriminations which he assumed was linked to intellectual prowess- link to normal distributions However, the measure of intelligence really took off with the work of Binet who thought that intelligence was not reflected in abilities to make
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