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PSYA02 LECTURE 2: Language

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Steve Joordens

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Lecture 2 LanguagesREM Its the End of the WorldJanuary 11 2012Slide 1 Why Carelanguage allows us to share our working memory with one another ie share the solution to problems with otherswhat sets us apart from humans is that animals have to figure out solutions themselves as they are unable to tell each other the solutionshumans are in packs not solitary because we can share our knowledge with each othernot so much the Egyptiansthis is because they kept their knowledge in one place which burned downwe know they had the knowledge but it was lostshows limitation of the language systemSlide 2 What is languagewhy is communication among animals not language chimps dont have vocal structures that can produce vocal sounds like humansthey use sign language and like little children talk to themselves when theyre alone they sign to themselves when theyre aloneenculturation ie when taking an ape and put it in a situation where language is rewarded and useful
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