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PSYA02 Lec 11: Motivation

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Steve Joordens

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Lecture 11 MotivationFebruary 01 2012Continuation of Lecture 10 Gender Roles and MoralsDevelopment of Moral Reasoning Piaget thought there was two states hegenomous 510 yo and autonomous morality 10 yearsfound that for very young children they tend to have an absolute view and its tied to obedience and punishmentsomething is considered wrong if you get punished for itrulescan come from religion or adultyoung children also dont take into intentions ie someone who broke 5 glasses accidentally would be seen as more bad to the child than someone who broke one glass intentionallyindication of the role of rules and punishmentat 10 years children get a sense of moral relativismget the idea that the rules are created by humans and that these rules are wrongcan justify breaking a rule if the reason is good enough10 year old children also understand intentions reciprocity notionpersecuting one person helps another personmorality of cooperationchildren
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