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chapter 15 part 3

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John Bassili

Bystander Apathy: It is when there is someone in need of help but we dont do anything to help them, just stand there and watch Example: Kitty Genovese (a woman who was stabbed 3 different times many times, 35 minutes apart but even though there were 38 witnesses present, no one called 911 until the last minute) VIDEO: a woman bag was just snatched and she was screaming for help but no one tried to help her because we all expect others to do something, people look around, when they dont do anything, we dont either, after that a man fakes a heart attack to see how many people will stop to help him, but many passed by and pretended not to see anything, but after a long time a few came forward to help People usually notice a person may need help, they interpret the event as one that requires help, they assume responsibility, they decide how to provide assistance, and finally help them Explanations: Diffusion of responsibility: when there are lots of people at the scene of crime, we tend to ask ourselves why me? They know that others were there but dont know if they called the cops or not (they assume by now someone wouldve called the police) -> Kitty Genovese example Pluralistic
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