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Chapter 13- motivation and emotion  Motivation is what gives us the energy to do something “oomph”  Define it with three characteristics o Initiates actions o Determines what we pursue o Determines how much we persist to what we pursue  Motivation is appreciated by looking at “dry theory” o Realization that we all have basic needs that are essential for survival (ie. Need to eat and experience of hunger, etc) o When we are deprived of a particular that is essential for our survival, we are driven to get it. This is called DRIVE  This system is called a regulatory system: if something is missing the regulatory system will ensure that the missing thing is restored o Homeostatic system has three properties:  Set point: the reference point (ie in thermostat the temperature at which the room is set to is the set point)  When talking about hunger, satiation (when we are satisfied) is our set point  Detector: detects deviation from set point  Corrective mechanism: initiates something that re-establishes set point (ie. Furnace coming on)  Cyclic systems o Homeostasis in hunger  Set point: satiation (being satisfied); no drive to do anything stay away from hunger  Detector: nutrient detectors in body that detect depletion of nutrients and triggers a signal  Corrective me
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