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Lecture 19

Lecture 19 Notes

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John Bassili

Lecture 19 - Chapter 15 [ social psychology ] Influence is direct form of pressure Subtle like things that are in our head, should I watch tv or study, image of dad comes you must study If all were standing in an elevator facing the wall, the other one to come in would do so also; this is social influence Social Influence: changes in our behaviour that occur as a result of direct or indirect intervention of others -used in very clever ways; sales people often have to rely on creative techniques [ not being very honest ] -con artists persuade people to give them money using techniques which involve a tale, modeling, reinforcement, and trust Low Ball Technique: salesperson quotes an unusually low price [ you agree to buy it at that price ] - comes up with a reason to change the price, this removing the reason you decided to buy option no included manager says we would be losing money calculation error trade in re-appraised lower -You tend to go with the deal - shopping for a new car; how much for the particular car. $19 000, looks good, ill be back. Shopping for a better deal, so you go to another. Go to a third dealer, 17 000, finally a dealer giving you a good price, great we can deal. By giving you a low ball low price, that third dealer has taken you out of the traffic. First challenge, get you as a consumer for them to deal with them. something happens, they throw a low ball and raise the price. they say quoted with minimal upgrades when the advantage of 17 000 is removed, people are more likely to take that purchase - one form of commitment is already there; despite the deceit - you start getting committed to the idea that youre going to buy from this person; Car sales: Consumer reports: the first to no
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