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Lecture 6

Chapter 15 Lecture 6- lecture and class notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Bassili

Lecture 24 o Prejudice o There is a conflict competition bw groups o Some definitions o Prejudice: a negative attitude towards a distinguishable group Target = identifiable groups of people Not behavior o Discrimination: a harmful negative behavior toward members of a group Prejudice becomes a behavior Has more impact Laws tend to target discrimination o Stereotype: beliefs about members of a group Tend to be shared beliefs or individual stereotypes Usually consensual o Studying stereotypes o The first scientific study of stereotypes was conducted by Katz and Braly in 1933 o Adjective checklist o Most common adjectives = stereotypes o Plymouth drivers- fat o Buicks= old people o Stereotypes can change o They found the following stereotypes: Japanese: intelligent, hardworking, progressive Chinese: superstitious, sly, conservative Italians: artistic, impulsive, passionate British: sportsmanlike, intelligent, conventional Black: superstitious, lazy, happy- go lucky o Stereotype accuracy o Are stereotypes accurate? Yes no o Yes: research comparing stereotypes with known statistics about groups has shown stereotypes to be relatively accurate Cant dismiss that ideas of a group exist o No: there are many misconceptions about minorities. Immigrants are thought to be less educated than native Canadians, but this is false. Stats Can data shows that they are better educated and in better health But also can be inaccurate that might reflect Sense of seniority Immigrant- less intelligence o But immigrants are more educated than Canadian born
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