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Chapter 18 Lecture 1- Lecture 33-class and lecture notes

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John Bassili

Lecture 33 Chapter 18- The Treatment of mental Disorders o Think about the psychological processes being caused by the brain o Approach that a doctor would take to solve the problem o Chemical imbalance to be fixed o Brain pathways are affected o Problem of adaptation o Usually when it comes to mental disorders o And how you have dealt with problems o Psychologists have much less to bring to the table by trying to treat schizophrenia o Which is the better approach o Therapy that teaches strategies to deal with it o Or pills that might dull the symptoms but not solve it o Client- therapist relationship o Talk therapy Has properties that can help o Therapy relationship is special: The client is motivated enough to seek therapy Taking an active step ( first step) Some movement already The therapist is skilled knowledge Therapist provides client with undivided attention , and shows concern for the client (empathy) Caring person Client usually feels along but now there is someone there A relationship develops bw client and therapist Trust o Therapeutic alliance- provides safe setting to unveils things in the safe context o Very important o Psychodynamic therapy o Based on Freuds ideas of repressed conflicts First to break new ground Problems come from problems of adaptation o Freuds theory put emphasis in sexual conflicts. These were explored in psychoanalysis o Psychodynamic therapy also focuses on repressed conflicts but the conflicts are not necessarily sexual in nature o Insight therapies o Gain insight into ones self o Conflicts, hang ups and takes up a lot of mental energy
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