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2012.11.15 psyB01H3 week 10 Additional_research_designs_notes.docx

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Connie Boudens

Additional research designs 2012-11-15 Quasi-Experiments: similar to a experiment, but does not mean all the requirement as the experiment; also called field- experiment - Key difference to the real experiment: Less control of extraneous variables. o Use random assign is missing: groups often naturally occurring - Some common features of quasi-experiments: - matching instead of randomization - time series analysis - unit of analysis not people—could be an organization, a group or other things One Group Pre-post—it is very basic; instances of bullying training for staff instances of bullying - you start this in a school; it is very hard to isolate the school or staff to only monitor certain types of bullying so that it would only possible to observe the whole school. - Problems would happen as: threats to internal validityyou have strong evidence to determine your dependent variables. But in here we cannot really make the conclusion. o Threats to Internal Validity  History: event affects study outcomeit not only just meaning the things happen before but could be present condition  It is whatever happening between the pretest and posttest  Maturation:  Change in subjects over a period of time  Ex: you look at the Gr 8 in the beginning, but ppl are growing olderstaturally  But not only over a long time, saying the beginning to the end of 1 year university term, ppl will change a lot and understand more about university.  Testing / Repeated testing: they have to do the same test in 3 or more different ways; repeated test make ppl getting used to the test and may act differently; for example, just filling a questionnaire may make ppl aware or think differently about their own behaviours according in bullyingnitions given by the researchers; which may have effect on decreasing or increasing  Mortality:  Subjects dropping outleaving the study; not just because ppl drop out but more importantly, it is about which types/groups of ppl are dropping; it would not be a problem if the dropping are random as the sample, but it matters there is particular group of ppl like ppl are low in suggestibility are more likely drop out a smoking- stop experiment  Regression to the mean  High or low measurements followed by measurements closer to group mean  you set up to do experiment in a school having high than average bullying in your pre-test, and later the bullying dropped to the average… but what about the school was just emerged from two different school, in which case, there always more conflicts at the first period of emerging…. And this would affect your experiment results. o It is like you catch a happy person in a low day; Non -equivalent control group design Experimental group instances of bullying training for staff instances of bullying Control group instances of bullying instances of bullying Selection bias: preexisting difference between the groups Time Series Analyses - When you cannot randomize participants, but can get assessments of the DV pre and post-treatment o Most of the time is the weather of a day;??? Usually you have a control group. Single-Case Research Designs: - Use only one case or group to investigate a specific phenomenon. - Not the same as a case study. - Uses time-series design. - Take multiple pre and post-treatment measures. Advantage of Small-N Design - Participants from hard to find populations—like it is only one participant for particular activity: ex the person walking through the Niagara Fall - Results easy to interpret (often no stats)—looking at the relationship about the height of the hill and the oxygen level—it is usually very straightforward; - Can focus on helping one (few) participant(s) A-B-A Design - Problems: end up with the baseline condition - Effect may not be reversible. - Ex: You take the sleep pills prescription for sleeping but you did getting better after one month; but you cannot really 100% sure it is the effect of the pills; the only way to find out is stopping taking the pills o If you stop taking the pills, and you return to base line; it could be some the residual effect of the pills or it may be you have new things to disturbing your sleep o The reason is ppl keeping changing; you cannot give the reason because you don’t have the control on that to find out it is because of the treatment or because of other issues o So that you have to go back to the treatment Multiple Baseline Design • Testing a treatment effect when effect is irreversible. • What you need to here is you collect more baseline data • Baseline data collected on: • 2 or more behaviours for same individual • Same behaviour for 2 or more individuals • Same behaviour across 2 or more situations for the same individual. Choosing a Research Method —key thing: all research method have advantage and disadvantages - The choice is affected by: • Resources like time and money • Ethical concerns • The research question How does the question guide the choice? - Description: asking what or how many, getting ideas about why, developing theory - Case study for unusual cases o Most often it is guided for cases arrive; it is unusual to happen; o Ex: nonverbal children, hostage-taking situation, natural disaster  It is hard to set up a experiment to get a situation like this.  But if there is a particular abuse happened, it DID happen and you can use this - Case study for in-depth examination o Ex: merger of two companies - Correlational study o Prediction: if I know X, can I predict Y?  Ex: ppl’s GPA in university and the first year salary after graduate o Causal: Verifying the why or how  Does drug X lead to the relief of symptom Y?  The major treat off is … you cannot really do int
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