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evolutionary love

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

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Evolutionary Love Explanationsmalesfemales have diff roles in offspring production therefore diff agendas in choosing mates Males would do best pairing frequently w many females females do best w carefully chosen male women will look for most resources man incomecareer Men look for youthbeautyreproductive fitness However both genders prefer honestytrustworthinesspleasantness Difference in shortlongterm traits Attachment Styles and Relationshipsour adult behavior in relationships based on infant experiences w caregivers Based on BowlbyAinsworth secure attachment trust caregivers not worried abt abandonment In conflicts use active taskcentred coping strategiesavoidant infants desire closeness but learn to suppress ppl find it hard to be close to others In conflict use passive avoidant strategyfearful avoidant desire intimacy but afraid to trust others worry being hurt if they allow closeness with anotherdismissive avoidant claim they dont need closeness prefer independence anxiousambivalent inconsistentoverbearing affection desperately seek closeness conflicted feelings in loving relationship In conflict se passive emotionfocused coping strategybased on their attachment styles ppl also develop expectations abt relationships
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