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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Great Films in Social Psychology: Obedience and Stanford Prison Experiment

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Lecture 6 Great Films in Social PsychologyObedience and Stanford Prison ExperimentObedience Research Carried Out at Yale University Under Grants From The National Science FoundationMILGRAMS EXPERIMENT 1962 experimentYale 40 males 2050 in New Haven area Through mail and newspaper ad education level not completed high schoolPhDs Memory Project Psychologists have developed several methods on how to teachlearn teaching and learning by Canter One way is that one learns through punishment on learning Asking some of them to be teachers and learners see how affective they are and see how affective learning israndom assignment through picking a piece of paperExperiment The teacher will read a list of words bluegirl etc You need to remember each pair Teacher will read first work ie blue Then theyll read 4 words and learner needs to remember which one was paired w itIf you get it correct its fine and if its wrong you get punished w a shockPURPOSE Would you follow the experimenters orders even when you have conflict of your consciousmoralewhat is currently happening All subjects were given the same instructions BTW They were also subjected to a test shock Then teacher learns their instructions Subjects were sent the consent form of what details of the experiment Learner had a heart condition 2 years ago and was afraid of whether o
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