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Lecture 18

Lecture 18

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Lecture 18Intergroup ProcessesIntergroup Process DefinitionIngroupA social group to which you belongThe book says that in a social group you have to know everyoneHowever you dont have to know every other person because you perceive your racial group to be a social groupSo ingroup is any group you can be a member of sex age raceExamples of groups occupationSo you belong to alot of groups and we can create groups in an instantOutgroup Asocial group to which you dont belongTricky to identify an outgroupYou can say that women is your ingroup and men are outgroup but then were all humansThe concept of when someone is an ingroup or outgroup is not clearcutIt depends on what you perceive as a group that you dont belong to or what group is more accessible to you at that time for instance whether you perceive Uoft St George campus as an outgroup depends on whether you were primed with UTSC or UofTWe used to think race was a clearcut division but nowadays no one person is solely one raceIntergroup Processessituations cognitions beliefs and feeling behaviiours
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