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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elizabeth Page- Gould

Social Psychology Lecture 2 Self awareness of own identity and who you are Your behaviors thoughts feelings etc Self Awareness humans show that they know that they are an individualan entity that is distinct and different from others and the environment Minimal self the most basic form of selfconcept You yourself are separate from the environmentdouble stimulation how do youknow that you exist and are diff from the world Touch your arm you feel that on both your hand AND arm When you touch the podium you only feel your hand rubbing it not how the podium feels being rubbed Objectified Self ability to think about yourself as an object reflect on one self have yourself serve as the object of your own attentionknow you can serve as the object of someone elses attentionSymbolic Self narrative self the ability to form an abstract mental representation of yourself that you can express through words know your diff from environment minimal can relflect on self objectified self but you can also talk about your history and qualities about yourself SelfConcept cognitive concept of who you are everything you know about yourself personality traits moral values identities ethnic heritage etc measuring selfconcept use self report measure your self schema is usually co
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