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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elizabeth Page- Gould

Social Psych Lecture 5 Group cohesiveness degree to which the group members are or perceived to be close in the mind of the group members more cohesive it is the more liking you have for them just bc they are a member in the mind of outsiders the more cohesive a group is perceived to be the more we stereotype them and think theyre all the same social facilitation tendency for performance to be improved when doing well learned task in the presence of others but sometimes the presence of others when the task is not well practiced social loafing tendency for people to slack off when theres a group of people contributing to the behave if you cannot be individually evaluated you perform worse on simple tasks and better on complex one Evaluation apprehension predicts loafing vs facilitation Concern about being evaluated Your imagination of how youre going to be evaluated and how imp it is to be evaluated socio evaluative threat extreme evaluation apprehension They know theyre going to be evaluated and its too much for them to handle Body responds with stress hormone cortisol constricts blood vessels in hippocampus affects learning and memory Three main components that predict behave when other people are around Starts with presence of others either you can be indvid evaluated evaluation apprehension OR you cant be individual evaluated dont feel eva
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