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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elizabeth Page- Gould

Friday October 8 2010 Perceiving and Predicting Others SOCIAL INFORMATIONWhat goes into person perceptiono Behaviour o Contexto Schemas BEHAVIOURAL INPUTVerbal Behaviour speaking Nonverbal Behaviour important aspect of perceptionEmblemsPower of Behavioural Input Thin Slices EMBLEMSGestures that have wellunderstood meaning within a cultureEffectively nonverbal languageemblems communicate something similar to language but involve no speakingWell understood meaning within cultures because their mean various things across diff cultures THIN SLICESApproach within social psychology focused on the attributional power of brief exposure to othersthin slices what we can perceive of others in a short span of time a thin slice of who they are SES IN SOCIAL INTERACTIONSHow quickly can you detect someones socioeconomic status SESSESsocioeconomic status KrausKeltner 2009Results o Naive observers accurately detected parents income mothers education and subjective SES o Relative to high SES participants low SES participants spent less time o Grooming doodling manipulating objectssubjective SESperception of your status within society CONTEXTContext mattersCan completely change attribution SCHEMASWhat you expect is what you getare very important to social interactions impression formation when you see someone y ATTRIBUTIONExplanation for an observed behaviour of another social objectmost attribution theory is trying to understand when do we see AHA behaviour is the result of WHO the person is vs the situation in which they are How Automatic is Attribution Attribution Theory o InternalExternal Attributions o FundamentalAttribution Error o Covariation Theory AUTOMATICITY OF ATTRIBUTIONSHow Automatic is an Attribution
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