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Lecture 19

Lecture 19

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

Lecture 19 Myth and Narrative Freud and all of his intellectual descendents play a central role on the deep unconscious processes that exist inside us. By virtue of their focus on the deep subject of people, unconscious drives, notion of ancestral collective unconscious, all of these suggest that these are elements most suited to deepest level of personality description of narrative. Freud Freud offered bold outline of what personality may be, it was a structural, developmental one. Goal with to provide grand unified theory on all human behaviour related to personality He distinguished between the ego executive, id reservoir of libidinal energy and source of primitive drives, and superego not equal to conscious performs functions of conscious with moral intention. Dynamical distinction between conscious, pre conscious, and unconscious mind and that there are some tensions that exist between these levels as anxiety producing thoughts are suppressed from conscious into unconscious Sequence of stages from oral-anal-phallic - genital latency Some things have changed between classical personality theory to contemporary personality theory which is more limited in scope A lot of what Freud wrote and thought that we can dismiss but he did introduce the talking cure psychotherapy, which has demonstrated its efficacy in treating a wide variety of problems among patients. Recognition of early important childhood experiences, anything that will involve personality disorder you go to childhood. Idea that people are conflicted and ambivalent is an important element of Freudian thinking, people are also highly defensive healthy respect of these principles is highly recommended Critical ideas in Freudian psychoanalytic thought Basic instincts that underlie much of human behaviour, drives toward sex and aggression. His early thinking was dedicated to idea of the libido innate force that drives human action. Later in thinking he complimented idea of libido with phanatos. To understand human behaviour we would ultimately be referencing these drives toward sex and aggression. Idea of defense mechanisms, repression being the first line of defense such as repression. When ego is positioned to lose control over the id or the superego the experience of that
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