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Lecture 19

Lecture 19

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Oren Amitay

Lecture 19MythNarrativeSigmund FreudFreuds TheoryFreuds theory was structural dynamic and devlopment A grand unifying theory of all human behaviour that is relevant to personalityDistinguished between the id primitive drives ego conscience superego moral evaluation of the egos behaviourConscious preconscious dynamical unconscious mindDevelopmental Stage oral anal phallic latency genitalIntroduced talking cureMany of his ideas are still used todayego defensesinternal conflicts and anxietythe importance of early childhoos experiencesFundamental ConceptsBasic Instincts SexAggressionEros life instinctThanatos death instinctDefense MechanismsRepression intolerable to the self push out of awarenessDenial Projection Sublimation IntellectualizeAnxietyThe conflicts between the various structural elements of the psyche idegosuperegoFreuds PsychoanalysisLatentManifestDistinction between text and subtextManifest how things seem on the surfacetextthe surface or conscious level of experiencethe manifest contentlevelthe thoughts in your mind dream from last nightLatent how things really are underneathsubtextThe hidden or unconscious level of experienceThis is what gives rise to the manifest contentUnderlying significance of the dreamUnderlying urges and motives of a slip of the tongueThere is so much latent stuff that manifest behaviour is overdeterminedCompromise FormationNotion that theres so much competing latent elements to find expression in your behaviourbest to think of human behaviour as a treatyTreatycompromiseTreaty serves to keep conflicting parties at bayExamples of conflicts Ids impulsivity and superegos moral demands and egos
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