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Personality Lecture 5

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Oren Amitay

USING THIS COURSE FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT Apply what you learn to YOURSELF and others Become CRITICAL THINKERS Rise above emotions and IRRATIONALITY o E.g. Narcissism Entitlement o The MOST IMPORTANT criterion for evaluating the merit of a philosophical assumptionstatement--COMPELLINGNESS o When he talked about our generationif you did not find it compelling THE AVERAGE person will say it hurt them ANNA FREUD Her fathers intellectual heir, became eminent psychoanalyst and international authority in her own right. Emphasized the role of the ego, giving it greater autonomy Extended psychoanalysis to the study of children (Freud never worked with children) Identified developmental line in which children decrease on external controls and increase EGO MASTERY o Looked much more at the ego o Wanted to see the conscious elements of us and the development of the ego (ego mastery) Expanded on fathers defence mechanisms IDENTIFYING WITH THE AGGRESSOR o Real lifeStockholm syndrome Hostages are tied up beaten they think they are going to dieYou start to sympathiseemphasize with the aggressor o Anna Freudlooked at it in children Children feel guilty about thingsparents finding it outso the child starts acting out the parents rage Identifying with the aggressor is a Defence Mechanismneeded to reduce anxiety o People that have been sexually assaulted When they are first sexually abusedthey did not have any control When they have a relationship later onthey ask for abuse because by being in a situation where they are demanding itthey feel in control. A healthy way of reprocessing their terrifying situation o THE IRRATIONAL ALWAYS HAS A RATIONAL EXPLANATION
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